Key findings include:

  • $20 million paid for pharmacist malpractice claims over the 6-year study period.
  • $136,000 average malpractice claim cost, up from $132,185 in the 2018 dataset, a 2.9% increase.
  • $7,650 average cost of a license defense matter, up from $5,349 in the 2018 dataset, an increase of more than 43%.
  • Approximately 70% of license protection matters led to some type of Board action against a pharmacist’s license.
  • Claims associated with compounding pharmacies tend to be some of the most severe as compared to other pharmacy types, with an average total incurred of $438,221.
  • Wrong dose/strength claims remain the second highest percentage of all claims by allegation. The category also reflected a 46 percent increase in average total incurred from $49,901 to $72,972.

Risk Control Spotlights:

  • Defending Your License
  • Documentation
  • Vaccination Safety - Coming soon!
  • Safety Culture - Coming soon!
  • Policies and Procedures - Coming soon!
  • De-escalation and Crisis Management - Coming soon!
  • Workplace Issues and Well-Being - Coming soon!

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