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Life Insurance

If your loved ones were to lose you, a cash benefit could make a big difference, when they need it most. Life insurance is a simple, cost-effective way to better protect your loved ones’ financial futures after you’re gone. You pay a monthly premium and, in return, know that your family would receive financial help if something were to happen to you. 

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50 Plus Senior Group Term Life Insurance

This coverage lets you spare your loved ones the burden of someday facing your own final expenses without help. Apply for $10,000 to $100,000 of coverage to be there for them, to help pay final medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, credit cards or other debts left behind.

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Disability Insurance

Disability can happen to anyone. If you suddenly found yourself without a paycheck, this coverage could provide some much-needed financial relief. Group Disability Income Insurance is designed to help replace your income if you’re unable to work due to a covered disabling injury or illness. HPSO offers flexible disability insurance options to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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NYL 1747071 - 9/17


Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Accidents happen. Help protect your family from economic hardship if you are seriously injured or die as a result of a covered accident. Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment is an insurance policy that can cover death by accidental means and dismemberment which includes loss of certain body parts.

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NYL 1747071 - 9/17


Dental Insurance

Click here to check out how HPSO can help you get preventive and restorative dental services plus a choice of dentists, all at lower costs. 


Home & Auto Insurance

Discounted Auto and Home Insurance for HPSO customers. Great coverage begins with a custom quote that fits your needs. Let’s get started.

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Long-Term Care

Help protect your retirement dreams. Long-term care coverage helps assure you of continued independence as you age – without depleting the personal assets you've worked hard to acquire.

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Real Estate Benefits 

Save $ on your next Real Estate transaction!

Save $1,290 when you buy or refi your mortgage with Guaranteed Rate* Safe.

Safe. Simple. Secure. Mortgage safely with Guaranteed Rate’s Platinum Mortgage Program.

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Receive money back on your home sale closing

List. Buy. Save with Relocal.

As an HPSO member, you now have access to the premiere real estate benefit in the nation. Simply contact our partner, Relocal Move, before you talk to an agent about buying or selling your home. 

RM will connect you with a professionally certified agent in your area. When the home is closed, you will receive a 20% rebate of their earned real estate commission after closing. The average in the US is currently over $1,600 per transaction side.

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Emergency Assist Plus (EA+)

Travel with confidence — EA+ provides critical services in the event you get sick or hurt while traveling away from home.

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HPSO and Laurel Road have a special offer for HPSO Members 

invites you listen to a recording of a free webinar, “How to Prepare for the Return of Student Loan Payments,” originally presented by Laurel Road on October 24th, 2023.

Listen to the Webinar here.


Many Laurel Road borrowers have saved thousands over the life of their loans through refinancing.

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*Insurance companies issue insurance policies that specify definitions of key policy terms, triggers for coverage applicability and exclusions to the policy. Each claim is evaluated by the insurance company that issued the policy. The claim is evaluated with respect to policy provisions in order to determine coverage applicability. 

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