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The History of HPSO

Launched the Professional Liability Insurance Program
Established a partnership with CNA as underwriter for the Professional Liability Insurance Program
Expanded the program to offer coverage to businesses & practices and physical therapists, and earned the endorsement of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
Began offering continuing education programs and published first claim report
Launched first HPSO website and introduced license protection coverage*
Introduced online application making it easier for healthcare professionals to apply for coverage
Earned the endorsement of the American Counseling Association (ACA)
Earned the endorsement of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA)
Business owners coverage extension becomes available, extending coverage to owners for the work they do outside of their business or practice*
Introduced coverage solutions for animal therapy, sexual misconduct, information privacy, workplace violence counseling*
Began offering coverage for 80 additional healthcare professions
Launched new website, making coverage solutions and risk education resources more user-friendly

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Industry leading, affordable malpractice insurance, including license protection coverage 
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Expertise & Support
Expertise & Support
A team of dedicated specialists ready to help answer questions about your policy and help support you through the claim filing process.
Expertise & Support Expertise & Support
The ability to get a quote, apply for a policy, and manage your account, anytime, anywhere, in a matter of minutes.
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40+ professional healthcare association partnerships

American Physical Therapy Association American Physical Therapy Association
American Counseling Association American Counseling Association
American Physical Therapy Association American Physical Therapy Association
American Society of Hand Therapists American Society of Hand Therapists
California Academy of PAs California Academy of PAs

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40+ years of quality service.
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Counselor, HPSO member
“The representatives were superior in their attention and service. CNA/HPSO have proven to be reliable, honest, and worth my money. I will continue to recommend and validate reasons that EVERY mental health professional NEEDS YOUR protection.”
Pharmacist, HPSO member
"I was seriously impressed with the excellent way my claim was handled- I have advised my professional colleagues to keep CNA and not give in to policies with lower priced companies, you get what you pay for!"
Physical Therapist, HPSO member
“I am so thankful for the help during a difficult lawsuit. The support has been priceless.”

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Ready to get started

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* Claims will be evaluated for coverage based upon the specific facts and circumstances presented, the issued policy terms, conditions and exclusions. If coverage is afforded, the amounts payable under a policy are subject to applicable deductibles and limits of insurance. An interpretation of coverage does not predict the outcome of a claim.