Key findings include:

  • $25 million paid for pharmacist malpractice claims over the 5-year study period; up from $18 million paid during the 10-year study
  • $124,407 average malpractice claim cost, up from $101,269 in the 2013 report, a 22.8% increase
  • $5,349 average license defense cost, up from $3,685 in the 2013 report, a 45.2% increase
  • Wrong drug and wrong dose continue to be the most common allegation, accounting for 52.1% of all pharmacist malpractice claims, a decrease from 75.3% in the 2013 report
  • Gastrointestinal distress, infection/abscess, and death are the most frequent patient injuries of all closed claims analyzed in the report

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