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Pharmacist Claim Reports​​​​​​

Pharmacist Liability Claim Report: 2nd Edition​
Identifying and Addressing Professional Liability Exposures

Key findings include:

  • $25 million paid for pharmacist malpractice claims over the 5-year study period; up from $18 million paid during the 10-year study
  • $124,407 average malpractice claim cost, up from $101,269 in the 2013 report, a 22.8% increase
  • $5,349 average license defense cost, up from $3,685 in the 2013 report, a 45.2% increase
  • Wrong drug and wrong dose continue to be the most common allegation, accounting for 52.1% of all pharmacist malpractice claims, a decrease from 75.3% in the 2013 report
  • Gastrointestinal distress, infection/abscess, and death are the most frequent patient injuries of all closed claims analyzed in the report

Risk Control Spotlights: 

Additional resources:


2013 Pharmacist Liability: A Ten-year Analysis​​

Analysis of CNA pharmacist closed claims data reveals the most frequent allegations made against pharmacists involve dispensing errors. This report focuses on identifying the injuries and adverse outcomes most commonly associated with these claims, as well as the underlying causes of pharmacist error.

The report is divided into three sections:​

  • Professional Liability Claims:  Data, analysis & risk management recommendations
  • License Protection Claims: Data, analysis & risk management recommendations
  • HPSO 2012 Qualitative Pharmacist Work Profile Survey:  Highlights

Additional resources:



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