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Newsletters for Healthcare Businesses and Practices

Our HPSO e-newsletter focuses on risk management and other topics that affect healthcare businesses. It addresses important issues about professional liability insurance, risk management, and case studies that you, the business owner, face every day.

2014-2015 Business Owners Edition​ 

Feature Article: Evidence-based practice makes good business sense

As a business owner, you expect your employees to make the right clinical decisions in a variety of situations. But do they consistently do so? And are they making those decisions based on the latest evidence in their field? Clinicians need to base their actions on evidence to ensure optimal patient outcomes-and to protect themselves and your business from litigation should an untoward event occur. Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a problem-solving approach that encompasses research, clinical expertise, and patient values and circumstances.

2013 Business Owners Edition​ 

Feature Article: How did my employee make that mistake?

A physical therapist (PT) grabs the wrong weight to use when conducting a functional capacity exam for a patient with an injured arm and a pre-existing neck injury. The patient suffers a cervical herniation and has to undergo spinal fusion surgery. The PT is sued-and as the owner of the clinic, so are you. The PT is an outstanding employee*, so you're shocked. But even a standout employee can be the victim of "inattentional blindness," which is the failure to see something unexpected. In this example, the PT was expecting a certain label on the weight and didn't notice the difference in heaviness before using it. From a risk and patient safety perspective, you want your staff to avoid these mistakes. Here's how you can explain inattentional blindness to your employees.​

2012 Business Owners Edition

Feature Article: Health literacy: A good business decision

On Monday morning, your upbeat mood turns sour when you hear that a family wants to sue one of your employees-and the facility you own. An injured client claims he wasn't told how to properly avoid aggravating his injury. Your employee remembers explaining how to care for the injury, giving the client a handout, and hearing the client say "no" when she asked, "Do you have any questions?" What happened in this situation?​

2011 Business Owners Edition

Feature Article: Are you prepared for an office medical emergency?

It's 10:30 a.m. and the office is filled with clients. Suddenly, Mr. Smith grabs his chest and falls to the floor. Would your staff know what to do?​

2010 Business Owners Edition

2009 HPSO Business Owner Edition Vol 2

2009 HPSO Outpatient Rehabilitation Business Owner Edition Vol 1

2008 HPSO Business Owner Edition

2008 HPSO Outpatient Rehabilitation Business Owner Edition

2007 Vol. 3 HPSO Business Owner Edition

2007 Vol. 3 Outpatient Rehabilitation Business Owner

2007 Vol. 2 HPSO Business Owner Edition

2007 Vol. 2 Outpatient Rehabilitation Business Owner

2007 Outpatient Rehabilitation Business Owner

2006 Business Owner Edition

2006 Outpatient Rehabilitation Business Owner



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