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Healthcare Practice Ownership Blog

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How to Verify Staff Credentials at Your Healthcare Practice: A Checklist​
Managing a healthcare practice is a big job. You are responsible not only for your actions as a provider but also for those of your staff. Rigorous hiring methods that properly vet each hire’s education and experience are critical. How can you verify healthcare staff credentials? Read more...

What Healthcare Practices Need to Know About Patient Data Privacy
Protecting patient data privacy is essential for building trust between patients and healthcare providers. When working with patients, you have access to some of the most personal and sensitive information a person can share. Read more...

What is Small Business Insurance for Healthcare Practices?
If you plan to start or already have a healthcare practice of your own, you’ve achieved a significant professional milestone. Protect that achievement with securing small business insurance for healthcare practices. Read more...

The Business of Physical Therapy: A Guide for PT Practices
Starting a physical therapy practice of your own requires a significant shift. You are no longer just a healthcare practitioner. You are also a business owner. This provides more freedom – you get to be your own boss – and presents exciting new possibilities. Read more...

An Essential Guide to Opening Your Physical Therapy Practice​
As a physical therapist, opening your practice is an exciting step toward self-sufficiency and personal agency over your professional life. You can operate your PT practice according to your preferences, controlling everything from treatments offered to payments accepted. Read more...



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