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Your own individual insurance covers you beyond the limits of your employer provided plan.

With today's high costs of a lawsuit, professional liability insurance is a must for all healthcare providers. But counting solely on your employer's program may not provide all the coverage you need. Now with coverage through HPSO you can safeguard your individual interests. Liability limits provides sole coverage for you and are not shared with other employees.

  • Professional Liability - up to $1 Million each claim/up to $3 Million aggregate 

    Covers you, up to $1,000,000 each claim, for amounts up to your limits of liability that you become legally obligated to pay as a result of a professional liability claim arising out of a medical incident. Covers you, up to $3,000,000 aggregate, for all covered claims arising during the policy period. 

  • License Protection - up to $25,000 aggregate 

    Reimburses you with up to $25,000 aggregate for your defense of disciplinary charges and other covered expenses arising out of a covered incident.

  • Defendant Expense Benefit - up to $25,000 aggregate

    Reimburses you up to $25,000 aggregate for lost wages and covered expenses incurred when you attend a required trial, hearing or proceeding as a defendant in a covered claim, subject to $1,000 daily limit.

  • Deposition Representation - up to $10,000 aggregate 

    Pays up to $10,000 aggregate for attorney fees as a result of your required appearance at a deposition that arises out of a covered claim for professional services.

  • Personal Liability Coverage - up to $1,000,000 aggregate

    Protects you from legal liability for covered claims resulting from incidents at your residence, unrelated to your business activities. (Personal Liability Coverage not available to Acupuncturists and Fitness Professionals)

  • Defense Attorney Provided

    If you are named in a lawsuit charging you with professional liability, this HPSO plan will defend your interests. An attorney will be provided to represent you personally when we find it necessary. Legal fees will be paid for covered claims, in addition to your liability limits - WIN OR LOSE

  • Assault Coverage - up to $25,000 aggregate

    If you are assaulted at work or while commuting to or from your workplace, we will reimburse you, up to $25,000 aggregate, for your medical expenses, including emotional counseling, or reimburse you for damage to your property. (Assault Coverage not available in Texas)

  • Personal Injury Coverage- up to 1 Million aggregate

    Insures you, up to the applicable limits of liability, against covered claims arising from allegations of slander, libel, assault and battery, and other alleged personal injuries arising through the performance of your professional services.

  • Medical Expenses

    Pays up to $100,000 aggregate, up to $25,000 per person, for reimbursement of medical expenses to others injured at your residence or business premises.

  • Damage to Property of Others- up to $10,000 aggregate

    Pays up to $10,000 aggregate for damage caused accidentally by you to property of others at your residence or workplace.

  • First Aid Expenses

    You will be reimbursed for expenses you incur in rendering first aid to others up to $10,000 aggregate.

  • Covers you on and off the job, even if you change jobs

    Coverage through HPSO safeguards you for incidents that occur on the job. But, you're also covered off-duty as well. For example, care or advice you offer to a friend or family member, emergency care or Good Samaritan assistance you offer may result in a claim against you. Your employer's plan may provide no coverage after hours. Coverage through HPSO safeguards you 24 hours a day. And your coverage remains in force if you change jobs, or even during a period of unemployment.

  • Affordable Group Rates​

    Through HPSO you can now have quality insurance coverage at an affordable cost, thanks to the combined buying power of over 1,000,000 healthcare providers nationwide.

Coverage Enhancements for Healthcare Professionals
  • Sexual Misconduct/Abuse​ - up to $25,000 aggregate 

    Insures you, up to the applicable limit of liability, for amounts you are legally obligated to pay as a result of covered claims involving acts of sexual misconduct related to professional services. Defense coverage for covered allegations of sexual abuse is in addition to the sublimit of liability. There is no coverage for criminal acts, including consensual sexual activity.

  • Information Privacy Coverage (HIPAA) - up to $25,000 aggregate

    Reimburses you, up to $25,000 aggregate, for costs to notify patients or clients of the violation of confidential personal information in compliance with privacy protection laws. It will also cover HIPAA fines and penalties you become legally obligated to pay. 

    1Effective for current insureds at renewal and new policy holders beginning November 1, 2010. 

Discounted rate for students! 

​ 50% discount for first year graduates. *

Attend an eligible Risk Management Course and get a 10% non-cumulative credit applied to your annual premium for up to three years.**

*50% off the full-time annual premium. Must have graduated within the last 12 months.

**If you attend a qualified risk management course, a 10% non-cumulative credit will be applied to your annual premium for up to three years. The course must be 6 contact hours in a subject related to the insured's area of specialization. You must provide a certificate of attendance indicating the course name, number of hours and course date. The course must have been completed within 12 months of the date of application​. A discount is guaranteed for three years, but the base premium is subject to change.

This program is underwritten by American Casualty Company of Reading, Pennsylvania, a CNA company, and is offered through the Healthcare Providers Service Organization Purchasing Group. Coverages, rates and limits may differ or may not be available in all states. All products and services are subject to change without notice. This material is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. It is intended to provide a general overview of the products and services offered. Only the policy can provide the actual terms, coverages, amounts, conditions and exclusions. CNA is a registered trademark of CNA Financial Corporation. Copyright © 2015 CNA. All rights reserved.

Healthcare Providers Service Organization is a registered trade name of Affinity Insurance Services, Inc.; (TX 13695); (AR100106022); in CA, MN, AIS Affinity Insurance Agency, Inc. (CA 0795465); in OK, AIS Affinity Insurance Services, Inc.; in CA, Aon Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., (CA 0G94493), Aon Direct Insurance Administrators and Berkely Insurance Agency and in NY, AIS Affinity Insurance Agency.



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