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Health Insurance Marketplace brought to you by Aon Health PLUS

HPSO has arranged for Aon, the global leader in health benefits, to provide members with an easy-to-use solution for finding the right health insurance. 

Need help shopping for individual health insurance?

To assist you with your health insurance needs, you and your employees can access Aon Health PLUS, now available through Stride Health, which is designed to help you find the individual health plan that works best for your needs, budget and personal preferences. You’ll have access to a variety of educational resources, personal guidance and easy online enrollment. 

While market conditions may limit individual health plan availability in your area, Aon Health PLUS delivers choices on both the public and private exchanges, backed by exceptional customer service.

Open Enrollment Dates*

The 2020 Open Enrollment Period for individual health plans begins on November 1, 2019 and ends on December 15, 2019.

Start shopping by visiting Stride Health.




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