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Professional Liability Insurance for Healthcare Businesses info

Comprehensive Business Insurance Solutions for Healthcare Professionals​​

Choosing business insurance offered through HPSO is more than just securing coverage; it’s linking to a reliable partner to help you safeguard your most valued asset – your livelihood. It’s about adding value. And it’s about getting the peace of mind you deserve. 

More than 35,000 healthcare businesses and 80 professional associations put their trust in the Professional Liability Insurance offered through HPSO. That trust comes from offering more than 30 years of experience, expertise and dedicated service to business owners just like you.​

Professional Liability Insurance

  • Business Owner Coverage Extension - Covers owner and business entity under one policy

  • Professional Liability - up to $1 million each claim/up to $3 million aggregate

  • Sexual Misconduct/Abuse – up to $25,000 aggregate

  • Enterprise Privacy Protection1 – up to $25,000 aggregate

  • License Protection – up to $25,000 aggregate

  • Defendant Expense Benefit – up to $25,000 aggregate/$1,000 per day

  • Deposition Representation – up to $10,000 aggregate

  • Personal Injury Protection – up to $1 million each claim/$3 million aggregate

  • Assault Coverage2 – up to $25,000 aggregate

  • Damage to Property of Others – up to $10,000 aggregate

  • Medical Payments – up to $25,000 per person/$100,000 aggregate

  • First Aid Benefit – up to $10,000 aggregate

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)3

  • Property - building (if owned) and contents

  • Commercial General Liability - bodily injury and property damage

  • Business Income Protection - actual loss sustained up to 12 months

  • Additional Coverage Extensions - accounts receivables records, privacy and security liability, employee theft and more

Workers’ Compensation

  • Occupational Injuries and Illness - medical expenses and wage replacement

Enterprise Privacy Protection coverage not available in all states and coverages may vary by state.
2Assault Coverage not available in Texas.
3Not available in all states or for all professions.



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