HPSO has been a proud partner of the American Counseling Association for many years. The relationship between ACA and HPSO began with an insurance crisis facing many ACA members. In July of 2003, The Reciprocal Alliance (TRA) became insolvent. One of TRA’s clients was the ACA, with over 20,000 TRA policyholders. ACA immediately began searching the market for a financially sound carrier to enroll displaced ACA policyholders. ACA quickly identified HPSO as the best choice, able to offer all ACA members a superior product, and underwritten by an “A” rated carrier. HPSO responded with a web-based solution where members could apply for, purchase and receive a new policy immediately with no gap in coverage. 

Today, HPSO offers ACA members a suite of insurance products designed to protect employed ACA professionals, independent private practitioners, and solo or group counseling practice owners. 

HPSO provides professional liability insurance to 3 out of 4 professional ACA members! 
ACA-Endorsed Counselors Professional Liability Program 

The American Counseling Association continues to encourage its members – student and professional – to carry professional liability insurance to protect their finances and their professional practice.  

It’s easy to apply! You will just need to have your 7-digit ACA membership number available for membership confirmation. Once your membership is confirmed, your discounted rate will be displayed in your quote. There are several discounts available to ACA members who qualify:  
  • Individual ACA professionals with a premium of $100 or more are eligible for a 10% ACA membership discount* 
  • Individually insured professionals may be eligible for an additional 10% risk management discount. 
  • New graduates are eligible for 60% off their first year of coverage, 40% the second year of practice, and 20% the third year** 
  • Student ACA members enrolled in a master’s level counseling program receive their professional liability insurance coverage compliments of ACA. 
  • Part-time insureds, retirees, and those on a leave of absence or sabbatical receive a 50% discount 
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Industry Leading Counselor Risk Education 

HPSO is committed to providing counselors with risk education tools designed to lower their risk of a lawsuit or licensing board complaint while improving client outcomes.  Explore HPSO’s legal case studies, webinars, articles, Counselor Liability Claim Report, and more! 

*Private practice owners and individuals who own their own practice do not qualify for the ACA membership discount or risk management discount. 

**Must apply within 12 months of graduation to receive 3-year New Graduate Discount. Discount does not apply to new or existing policyholders who have graduated over 12 months ago. Three-year discount does not apply in all states.