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Choosing a Professional Liability Insurance Provider is a Critical Decision for Healthcare Professionals
: :   It's not advisable to select the least experienced, lowest cost provider to protect your career. Find out more about the benefits that HPSO provides.​
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News & Features
Understanding Counselor Liability Risk Claim Report
Read the latest claim report from CNA and HPSO, Understanding Counselor Liability Risk. This report provides statistical data on professional liability claims, deposition/record request claims, license protection defense claims, and selected samples from the HPSO 2013 Qualitative Counselor Work Profile Survey.
Pharmacist Phernagan Dosage Error Case Study
Woman given prescription for 100 milligram dosa​ge of Phenergan which was filled by pharmacy despite claims that prescribing physician called to cancel prescription due to dosage error.
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Documentation: An important step in avoiding malpractice​
Proper documentation is a key element in avoiding adverse legal action.