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FAQs for Businesses and Practices​​​​​​

FAQs for Businesses & Practices 

Have questions about how a professional liability insurance policy from HPSO provides coverage for your healthcare business or practice? We can help. In our frequently asked questions section, we answer common inquiries about how our coverage works, who is covered, and if your premiums will increase due to staff changes. 

1. There are several company names appearing on your advertising and policy material. Which one is my professional liability insurance company?

Your insurance company is American Casualty Company of Reading, Pennsylvania, a CNA company. CNA is a registered trademark of CNA Financial Corporation. 

Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) and CNA have collaborated to bring you this coverage. HPSO, a registered trade name of Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., is responsible for the marketing and administering of this professional liability insurance program.

2. How does a shared limit policy for my professional liability coverage work? 

A shared limit policy is issued in the name of your professional business or company. The policy provides professional liability coverage for the business entity named on the certificate of insurance and any of the employees of the business entity, provided they are ratable professions within our program. Coverage is also provided for locum tenens professionals with whom the business entity has contracted for services the locum tenens performs for the business entity. 

The business, and all eligible employees and sub-contractors you regularly employ, will be considered when determining your practice’s premium calculation and share the same coverage limits you select for the business.

3. We have a shared limit policy for professional liability through HPSO. Will our employees be covered if they practice outside our office?

The policy covers your employees outside the office as long as they are performing covered professional services on behalf of your company.

If your employees are moonlighting, either for pay or as a volunteer, they should carry an individual professional liability insurance policy to cover those services; otherwise, they may not be covered for claims that arise out of these activities. Click here to learn more about our individual coverage, or to apply for coverage online. 

4. We have added staff since we began our shared limit professional liability policy. Do I have to pay an additional premium for their coverage?


We have reduced our staff size since the date we applied. Do we receive a refund for these employees?

The answer is no to both questions. When a shared limit policy is issued, "a picture" is taken of your company. During the policy year, all employees are covered while they are working for you. In the event new employees are hired, it is not required to report or pay an additional premium for this coverage—new employees are automatically covered. Additional premium will not be charged until the policy renewal, when another evaluation is conducted and the policy is rated for the next year based on this evaluation.

Four months prior to your renewal, a renewal application will be mailed to your firm, so that you can notify HPSO of your total staff. A revised staffing count will generate an adjusted billing or premium that will be due at your renewal. Conversely, it is not required to report staff reductions. Additional premium is not collected for new employees, and premium is not refunded for staff that has left your company. 

5. Does my practice’s professional liability policy provide coverage for damage to my property caused by fire to my premises?

Your professional liability insurance policy does not provide coverage for direct physical loss or damage to your property or premise due to fire. Such coverage should be sought under a fire insurance policy.

However, if a claim is made against you for damage to the property of another, caused by a fire that is due to your negligence, you may be covered by fire and water legal liability coverage. Such coverage is included under the Workplace Liability Coverage provided by the HPSO Program. Fire legal liability coverage is intended for a tenant or lessee of a building who agrees under contract to be responsible for the building or a portion of the building that is under his care, custody and control. Included is coverage for property damage liability caused by fire, when the fire is due to an insured's negligence.

The property damage liability coverage provides up to $150,000 in coverage to a premise in which you do not have a financial or ownership interest.

6. What is Business Insurance Coverage?

Also referred to as a business owner's policy (BOP), business insurance coverage provides property and general liability insurance to small businesses. Our BOP prepackages a group of coverages designed for businesses, including: 

  • Property Coverage 

  • Business Interruption and Continuation Coverage

  • General Liability Coverage

  • Employee Theft 

Also available under the small commercial property and casualty category are Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Auto, Commercial Liability Umbrella, Fidelity/Crime, and Cyber Liability Insurance.

7. What is Workers’ Compensation Coverage? 

This coverage pays compensation and other benefits required of a practice by the state’s workers’ compensation law or occupational disease law listed in the policy. The coverage applies to bodily injury by accident and by disease arising out of, and in the course of, an employee's employment. 

8. Who needs Business Insurance Coverage?

Business insurance coverage is needed for any firm or sole practitioner that: 

  • Leases space for business purposes

  • Owns a business property

  • Has office property or equipment 

  • Has employees

  • Handles client records or property

  • Handles personal identifiable information

  • Handles firm or client cash/funds

  • Has clients visit their business premises 

9. Why is this coverage part of the HPSO Insurance Programs? 

The Programs offered through HPSO are dedicated to offering products and services to address the needs of America’s healthcare professionals with affordable, high-quality professional and personal insurance coverage. The goal is to provide a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products for HPSO customers. Many firms require some or all of these coverages to conduct their business.

10. How is the business insurance serviced by the HPSO Insurance Programs?

To continue to help meet the needs of business owners, we have arranged to offer commercial insurance products through Affinity Insurance Services' property and casualty division.



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