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​​Preparing for a Deposition​​

Deposition Preparation for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals may be subject to a medical malpractice lawsuit at any time in their career. This exposure arises through litigation in which they are named as defendants or through a legal action against a healthcare facility. In addition, even a healthcare professional that is not named in a lawsuit may be called as a witness in a pre-trial deposition. 

The deposition is one of the most critical stages of litigation, and it can either support or hinder a successful legal defense. If you are called to give a deposition, you should prepare as if you are going to testify before a judge and jury. 

CNA, the insurance carrier for the HPSO program, has created this video to help you better understand the deposition process. 

We encourage all healthcare professionals to watch this video, as it may be useful to you in the future.

Watch the video now: Preparing for a Deposition​


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