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Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) welcomes members of the Tennessee Academy of Physician Assistants

Dear Member,​

At the Tennessee Academy of Physician Assistants, our goal is to represent and serve PAs statewide. One important aspect of our association is to promote practice safety among our members and having appropriate professional liability insurance in place is an important component of a safe practice.

TAPA recognizes the importance of providing our members with an insurance program that is not only affordable but also offers a plan designed to cover the unique needs of physician assistants. After a thorough review, TAPA is pleased to announce its new partnership with Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) as our new professional liability insurance provider. 

HPSO is one of the top specialists in administering professional liability insurance coverage to over 1,000,000 healthcare providers nationwide. The HPSO plan is underwritten by American Casualty Company, a CNA company and has received an “A” rating from A.M. Best for its financial strength and stability.

Many physician assistants opt for a policy of their own, considering it essential given the volume of patients they see, the many responsibilities they have and the oftentimes unpredictable nature of healthcare. With your own individual policy through HPSO, your interests come first – and yours alone. You’ll have your own limits of liability to pay covered claims, and – where necessary – an attorney to defend you. HPSO also recognizes how important it is for physician assistants to protect their interests should they become involved in a disciplinary action against their license. That’s why the plan available through HPSO includes coverage for License Protection.

Coverage Features Include

  • Professional Liability

  • Legal Expenses

  • Defendant Expense

  • License Protection

  • Deposition Representation

  • Medical Payments

  • Plus many other coverage features.

Strength, Stability and Service

  1. The insurance plan is backed by financial strength and experience. HPSO has over 30 years of experience in providing healthcare professionals with insurance solutions. 

  2. CNA is an admitted carrier in the state of Tennessee. This is very important to you because using an insurer admitted in your state provides you with additional protection through your state’s Guaranty Fund, should an admitted insurer become insolvent. This same protection is not afforded to you for non-admitted insurers. 

  3. HPSO is committed to providing the best service possible to TAPA members. Outstanding service and the ability to fully understand your needs is what their licensed, experienced staff and knowledgeable service representatives work hard to achieve.

TAPA encourages you to review all that HPSO has to offer, and to compare rates with what you’re paying now. In many cases, a policy through HPSO can save you hundreds of dollars a year in premium. 


Call 1-800-982-9491

Mon – Fri, 8am – 6pm ET