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An offer to the following members of the Federation of Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork, and Somatic Practice Organizations

Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) is pleased to offer the following members of the Federation of Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork, and Somatic Practice Organizations access to the HPSO Insurance Program:

  • American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA)
  • The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) 
  • The Feldenkrais Guild of North America (FGNA)
  • The International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI)
  • The International Somatic Movement and Education Association (ISMETA)
  • The Rolf Institute (TRI)
  • The United States Trager Association

The Federation was formed to carry out the vision of mutual support and cooperation between the individual disciplines of massage, bodywork and somatic practice. Federation associations recognize and respect each other's distinct identities. However, these professional groups also have large areas of common interest. They all seek enhanced professionalism and desire to share resources for mutual benefit. 

HPSO is confident that the insurance coverage offered will serve as a value-added benefit to Federation members. HPSO is committed to affording Federation members with a comprehensive professional liability program as well as excellent customer service. Several key points on the coverage available through HPSO are:

  • The broad scope of the coverage provides a level of security that is so important today in light of legal costs and court settlements while at the same time offering affordable rates. The program also includes License Protection coverage. 
  • HPSO specializes in administering insurance coverage to over 1,000,000 healthcare professionals. By working with HPSO, you'll find that we offer outstanding service to our clients and understand the needs of healthcare professionals.
  • The policy form is an occurrence-based coverage. 
  • Members insured under the former Federation insurance program will have the option to apply for prior acts coverage through HPSO. What does this mean to you? By purchasing the prior acts coverage through HPSO, if you become aware of a claim in the future for an incident that occurred while you were insured under the former Federation insurance program, you can report the claim to HPSO and we will provide the appropriate legal defense and, if necessary, indemnity payments on your behalf, subject to the professional liability coverage, limits and exclusions.
  • The insurance program is underwritten by American Casualty Company of Reading, Pennsylvania, a CNA Company. CNA is rated "A" Excellent by A.M. Best Co., the nation's independent insurance analyst. This rating is your assurance of financial stability and sound operating performance.

The following members of the Federation may apply for insurance through HPSO:

Feldenkrais Guild® of North America


Feldenkrais Guild® of North America (FGNA) is the professional association for the practice of the Feldenkrais Method®. FGNA also certifies Feldenkrais® practitioners and accredits professional training programs. The Feldenkrais Method® enables people to include, in their functioning, movements and parts of the body unconsidered, forgotten or excluded from their habitual actions or images of actions. By allowing persons to learn how their whole body cooperates in any movement, the Feldenkrais Method® assists people to live their lives more fully, efficiently and comfortably. 

The professional field of somatic movement education and therapy spans holistic education and complementary-alternative medicine. The field contains distinct disciplines each with its own educational and/or therapeutic emphasis, principles, methods, and techniques. Practices of somatic movement education and therapy encompass postural and movement evaluation, communication and guidance through touch and words, experiential anatomy and imagery, and movement patterning. These practices are applied to everyday and specialized activities for persons in all stages of health and development. 

The American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA)
is a professional association of certified Polarity Therapists. "Polarity Therapy" means diverse applications affecting the human energy system. These applications include energetic approaches to somatic contact, verbal facilitation, nutrition, exercise, and health education. 

The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) is the largest professional association of certified Alexander Technique teachers in the United States. Its mission is to maintain the integrity of the Alexander Technique as developed by F. M. Alexander(1869-1955). AmSAT maintains the nation's highest standards for teacher training, certification and membership and maintains affilitations with similar credentialing bodies worldwide. Since its formation in 1987, over 600 teachers have completed a rigorous training process to earn AmSAT certification. 

The International Association of Structural Integrators is the professional membership organization for Structural Integration. Founded in 2002, IASI sprang up as a grassroots organization from within the profession to: set standards, move towards certification, insure continuation of a professional identity, and promote Structural Integration's continued growth as a respected profession in the healthcare field.

Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (RISI)
is the sole certifying body for Rolfers. Rolfing®, Structural Integration, offers a combination of bodywork and movement education. It manipulates the body's connective tissue to rebalance the body, and bring pain relief from chronic pain, stress, and injury. 

United States Trager Association
The United States Trager Association represents and supports Trager® psychophysical integration and Mentastics® movement education, the innovative approach to movement education developed by Milton Trager, M.D. and generally referred to as The Trager Approach. The Trager Approach helps release deep-seated physical and mental patterns and facilitates deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, and mental clarity.



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