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Pharmacist Filled Phenergan Prescription Despite Physician Calling to Cancel Due to Wrong Dose 

Woman Given Prescription for 100 Milligram Dosage of Phenergan Which Was Filled By Pharmacy Despite Claims That Prescribing Physician Called to Cancel Prescription Due to Dosage Error - Resulting in Lingering Tinnitus - $1.4 Million Verdict 

The plaintiff, age forty-eight, went to her primary care physician, defendant “A” in October 2008. The plaintiff was suffering symptoms associated with food poisoning​. Defendant “A” gave the plaintiff a prescription for Promethazine (Phenergan) for 100 milligrams to be taken once a day. The plaintiff’s husband took the prescription to a local pharmacy to have it filled. Prior to the prescription being filled, defendant “A”’s office allegedly notified the pharmacy to cancel the prescription because the dosage was incorrect. The pharmacy, however, filled the prescriptio​n in the amount originally written. 

The plaintiff took 100 milligrams of the drug that evening and began experiencing dizziness, shakiness, anxiety, agitation, difficulty speaking, and impaired vision. After several hours she also developed a ringing sound in her head. Shortly after the plaintiff took the medication, a pharmacy employee called to notify the plaintiff of the error and advised the plaintiff to not take the medication, and to bring it back for a refund. 

The plaintiff’s husband took the plaintiff to the nearest emergency room after being advised to do so by the poison control center. The plaintiff was treated and released. The plaintiff continued to have ringing in her ears (tinnitus) and saw a neurotologist who advised the plaintiff that the tinnitus was due to the overdose of Promethazine. 

According to a published account defendant “A” was dismissed from the case prior to trial. A $1,400,000 verdict was returned against the pharmacy. A motion for new trial and/or judgement notwithstanding the verdict was pending. 

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