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Pharmacist Accused of Misfilling Medrol Prescription with Dexamethasone, Resulting in Birth Defects 

Pregnant Woman’s Prescription for Medrol Filled With Dexamethasone - Child Born With Multiple Problems - $1.1 Million Settlement. 

The plaintiff mother was prescribed Medrol in a two-milligram dose for a pulmonary problem in May 2005 when she was five months pregnant. 

The plaintiff claimed that the defendant’s pharmacist filled the prescription with Dexamethasone, which should not be taken during pregnancy and that the four-milligram dose was twenty times the normal amount for that drug. 

The woman’s son was born prematurely, weighing two pounds and suffers from severe growth retardation, impaired speech, motor weakness and esophagitis as a result of the pharmacy error. 

The woman continued to take the wrong drug until March 2006, when her physician made an investigation after she developed swelling problems. 

The defendant claimed that the pharmacy error was caused by the woman’s physician and that the child’s problems were due to the mother’s pre-eclampsia. 

According to a published account a $1.1 million settlement was reached, most of which was placed into a structured settlement for the child. 

With permission from Medical Malpractice Verdicts, Settlements & Experts; Lewis Laska, Editor, 901 Church St., Nashville, TN 37203-3411, 1-800-298-6288.​


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