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EMT Accused of Tackling Man to Keep Him from Leaving Hospital 

Man Claims EMT’s Tackled Him to Keep Him From Leaving - EMT’s Claim Man Fell Into Street While They Tried to Stop Him From Running Into Traffic - Fractured Tibia - $19,168 Net Verdict. 

The plaintiff, age fifty-seven, had a long history of mental problems and medical treatment. His wife called 911 seeking medical help for the plaintiff, who was reportedly suffering from anxiety and related issues. Police, fire and the defendant EMT’s responded to the call.

The plaintiff was transported to a hospital. Upon exiting the ambulance the plaintiff suffered a fractured tibia, which required open reduction with internal fixation. The plaintiff claimed that he had changed his mind about going to the hospital, but the EMT’s had forced him to go to the hospital. The plaintiff claimed that upon arriving at the hospital the defendants tried to stop him from leaving by tackling him. 

The defendant EMT’s claimed that police officers at the scene made the decision, with the plaintiff’s agreement, to transport the plaintiff to a hospital. The plaintiff was not strapped to a gurney during transfer and attempted to flee upon arrival at the hospital. The defendants claimed that they attempted to stop the plaintiff from running into traffic, at which point the plaintiff fell into the street and fractured his lower leg. 

According to a published account a $38,336 verdict was returned, which was reduced for fifty percent comparative negligence, resulting in a net verdict of $19,168. 

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