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Counselor Claim Reports​


Counselor Liability Claim Report: 2nd Edition: Minimizing Risk, Achieving Excellence


Key findings include:

  • $7.8 million paid for counselor malpractice claims over the 5-year study period; $8 million paid during the previous 10 years.
  • The average total incurred for malpractice claims is $113,642
  • Allegations involving sexual/romantic relationships accounted for 43.9% of malpractice allegations.
  • $5,454 average license defense cost; up from $3,727 in the 2014 report, a 46.3% increase.
  • Deposition assistance and record request matters increased 456% since the 2014 report.


Risk Control Spotlights: 

  • Boundaries
  • Informed Consent – Coming Soon!
  • Identifying Your Client – Coming Soon!
  • Reporting to Third Parties – Coming Soon!
  • Supervision – Coming Soon!
  • Release of Records – Coming Soon!
  • Telebehavioral Health – Coming Soon!
  • Documentation – Coming Soon!
  • Preparing for a Deposition – Coming Soon!
  • What to Do if You Receive a Subpoena – Coming Soon!



2014 Understanding Counselor Liability Risk​​

The purpose of this report is to utilize the CNA claim database over a 10-year period to identify counselor risks, loss patterns and trends.  It also analyzes expenses related to additional benefits provided to insureds, such as assistance with managing subpoenas for records and depositions.  The report also contains risk control recommendations designed to help mitigate adverse incidents and increase client satisfaction.

The report is divided into four sections:

  • Analysis of Professional Liability Claims
  • Deposition Assistance & Record Request Matters
  • Analysis of Counselor License Protection Defense Claims
  • Highlights from the 2013 Qualitative Counselor Work Profile Survey


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