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In addition to be the largest provider of professional liability insurance coverage to healthcare professionals, HPSO is a leading provider of risk management information. Through the analysis of actual claims, HPSO hopes to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge needed to reduce their liability exposure while improving client outcomes. In collaboration with CNA, HPSO and its sister organization NSO, have developed claim reports for physical therapists, nurses and nurse practitioners. Use the links below to view a PDF of the most recent reports. 

Physical Therapy Liability 2001 - 2010 

This three-part report covers professional liability claims, licensing protection claims and selections from the HPSO 2011 Qualitative Physical Therapist Work Profile Survey.






Highlights of the report include: 

  • Professional Liability Claims: Over $44 million was paid in indemnity (judgments and settlements) and expenses on behalf of physical therapists during the study period, realizing an average total incurred of $103,111 per claim. 

  • Licensing Protection Claims: The three most common allegations against physical therapists who experienced a paid license defense claim were improper management over the course of treatment (37.6%), inappropriate behavior (26.5%) and fraudulent billing (14.7%).

  • Physical Therapist Work Profile Survey: The number of claims significantly increased, the longer respondents worked as physical therapists. The highest percentage involved respondents who had worked more than 21 years as a PT.

HPSO 2011 Qualitative Physical Therapist & Physical Therapist Assistant Work Profile Survey 

This report includes the complete results from the HPSO 2011 Qualitative Physical Therapist & Physical Therapist Assistant Work Profile Survey. The survey compares physical therapists & physical therapist assistants who reported having a professional liability claim, with those who have not, on a variety of factors. For example, age, gender, level of education, years in practice and the effect of continuing education.


Risk Control Self-Assessment Checklist for Physical Therapists

This checklist was developed to aid physical therapists in managing their risks and reducing their exposure to malpractice lawsuits. Included is 'Your Role and Responsibilities in Managing a Professional Liability Claim' to assist you in taking the proper steps if you believe you may be involved in a legal matter. The checklist is included in Physical Therapy Liability 2001 - 2010 and is provided here as a separate document for those wishing to print it out for their own use. 


Physical Therapist​



Understanding Nurse Liability, 2006-2010: A Three-Part Approach​ 

NSO 2011 Qualitative Nurse Work Profile Survey 

Risk Control Self-Assessment Checklist for Nurses​ 

Nurse Claims Study: An Analysis of Claims with Risk Management Recommendations 1997-2007​


Nurse Practitioner​

Understanding Nurse Practitioner Liability: Claims Analysis 1998-2008, Risk Control Strategies and Highlights of the 2009 NSO Survey

NSO 2009 Nurse Practitioner Survey

Nurse Practitioner Claims Study 1994-2004